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Front Discharge Concrete Mixers

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Front Discharge Concrete Mixers

Phoenix Mixers offer you labor saving front discharge delivery, improved productivity and more profit per yard. You’ll get pinpoint load positioning even in the most demanding on-site conditions. And you get your choice of the axle and chassis combination that best suits your needs and local legal requirements.

Only Phoenix Mixers feature a unique cab design that's roomier, deeper and offers two rear quarter vent windows. These cabs set the industry standard for superior visibility, ventilation and operator ergonomics. Our cab is sized right – roomy but not too big which can cause visibility and comfort issues.  An industry leading trainer cab design is also available. This is the best way to train new operators.

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  • Unique, proven design manufactured by experts
  • Comfortable entry and exit
  • Superior ventilation and right-left visibility
  • Cab fan, AM/FM/CD, heated mirrors and Sun Visor are standard
  • Industry leading ergonomics throughout


  • Heat treated frame rails
  • Cross members and fish plates 3/8" thick
  • Frame holes drilled through fish plates and frame in one step, zero tolerance fit
  • Grade 8 flange-head frame bolts, each hand-torqued to insure proper connection
  • Frame wire harness and plumbing in separate conduit on opposite sides of frame for easy maintenance


  •  Remote grease zerks for trunnion roller and chute race
  • Drum fin design for low slump concrete
  • Hardox 450 Brinell steel standard (deduct for AR 235 Brinell), both barrels feature 3/16" AR235 nose section
  • Double acting hydraulic lift cylinder
  • Dual high capacity hydraulic systems
  • Grease filled chute swing gear box for higher strength and longer life
  • Aluminum water tank standard
  • Proximity switch revolution counter for greater durability
  • Solid frame mounted upright assembly
  • Open top charge hopper design allows easy drum removal


  •  Sandblast and steam clean truck with iron phosphate
  • Prime with DuPont® Corlar epoxy primer
  • Top coat with DuPont Imron 5000 polyurethane, proven in the industry to be the most durable
  • Clear coat with DuPont High Solid urethane clear coat for maximum durability and gloss
  • The Phoenix barrel is built with 450 Brinell steel—the most abrasion resistant steel in the industry.You get more performance with our barrel including a standard drip ring, 3/16" nose cone, two large access hatches, an optimum fin configuration and bolt-in splitter fins.
  • Engine mounted fan shroud delivers maximum cooling performance.
  • Cummins ®, Caterpillar® or Detroit Diesel®. Take your pick!
  • The Phoenix ride features standard Air-Ride suspensions with load leveling valves mounted outboard to give quick response stability. Holland,® Hendrickson® and Chalmers® are available options.
  • DuPont® Imron 5000 polyurethane paint with clear coat for extra durability and high gloss. Standard.
  • Unique cab design is manufactured by experienced professionals. Exit and entry comfort are superb. Cab ergonomics and right-left visibility set the industry standard.
  • Safety first. The upright and catwalk grating are self-cleaning and our ladder is angled for easier up and down climbing.
  • The Phoenix main and flip with four chute extensions offer your operator a 23 foot reach and 86-degree maneuverability.
  • Ball bearing chute race with ground level grease zerks for easy lubrication. Trunnion roller assemblies are also standard with ground level access.
  • Double-acting lift cylinder provides maximum up-down travel.
  • A Phoenix original—Panavision cab with negative rake windshield to keep falling concrete and aggregate from damaging glass. The vented rear quarter windows provide superior ventilation and visibility.
  • Aluminum 120 psi certified water tanks are standard.
  • Nut and bolt manufacture means no cutting or torching huck bolts when service is needed.
  • Reduce tension and extend component life with fenders and pedestals that are spring loaded.
*** Standard Option

Engine and Transmission Options
  • All new Phoenix Trucks receive Allison RDS Gen 4 Standard***
  • Cummins ISM 350 HP***
  • Cummins ISM 425 HP
  • Caterpillar C13 350 HP
  • Caterpillar C13 410 HP
  • Cummins QSB 260 HP Pre-cast

Engine Brake
  • No Engine Brake***
  • Cummins with Jake Brake
  • Caterpillar with Jake Brake

Transfer Case
  • Cushman 1.00 : 1.00***
  • Cushman 0.86 : 1.00
  • Meritor 1.00 : 1.00
  • Meritor 0.86 : 1.00
  • Cushman Single Speed Pre-cast

Front Axle
  • Meritor MX-23 no lock***
  • Meritor MX-23 with DCDL
  • Marmon Herrington MT-22 no lock
  • Marmon Herrington MTL-22 with DCDL
  • Meritor Non-drive Pre-cast

Tandem Axles
  • Meritor 23160 with DCDL no pump***
  • Meritor 23160 with DCDL with pump
  • Meritor 23160 DT with TQD RD Pre-cast

Tandem Suspension
  • Neway AD246***
  • Hendrickson Primaax 460
  • Hendrickson HN462 non air ride
  • Chalmers 800 Series non air ride

Climate Control
  • Standard Heat***
  • Air Conditioning / Standard Heat

Drum Control and Joystick
  • Foot pedal drum control with console mounted cable joystick***
  • Foot pedal drum control with floor mounted joystick
  • Foot pedal drum control with console mounted air over hydraulic joystick
  • Hand lever drum control with console mounted cable joystick
  • Hand lever drum control with floor mounted joystick
  • Hand lever drum control with mounted air over hydraulic joystick
  • R.E. drum control with console mounted cable joystick
  • R.E. drum control with floor mounted joystick
  • R.E. drum control with console mounted air over hydraulic joystick

Barrel Material
  • 450 Hard ox***
  • 235 Brinell mild steel

Main Chute
  • 16” Manual with flip***
  • 18” Manual with flip
  • 16” hydraulic 2 fold chutes
  • 18” hydraulic 2 fold chutes
  • 16” hydraulic 2 fold chutes with 3rd manual flip
  • 18” hydraulic 2 fold chutes with 3rd manual flip

Chute Extension
  • 16” steel***
  • 18” steel paver style
  • 16” aluminum
  • 18” aluminum paver style
  • Aluminum liners available for aluminum chutes

Water Tanks
  • 150 gallon aluminum single fill***
  • 150 gallon aluminum dual fill
  • 200 gallon aluminum single fill
  • 200 gallon aluminum dual fill
  • 250 gallon aluminum single fill
  • 250 gallon aluminum dual fill
  • Steel tanks are available

  • Fixed 44” ***
  • Air flip 44”